School Based Options

Bright Start Academy is a Private School for Students in Toronto, ON that require additional support in Academics, Communication, Social Skills and Functional Daily Living Skills.

Below is a list of our School Based programs we provide at Bright Start Academy. Contact our Toronto Private School to explore our versatile programs and services we provide.


This program is for children from ages 4 to 6 years of age. The classroom allows for children to work in small ratios to learn the skills they need to enter School. This is an intensive program that gets students that have been in a 1:1 environment ready to work effectively with other students. Students work on classroom behaviours, Calendar, Pre-Academics such as numeracy and language development as well as Group Skills.

Primary School Years

Our Primary School Years Program is offered for students from Grade 1 to Grade 8. Our classes have a 4:1 ratio. In order to keep students engaged, we use Smart Boards, IPads, Computers and Hands on Practice. The curriculum includes but is not limited to Language Skills, Reading and Comprehension, Direct Instruction, Math, Sciences, Phys-Ed, Music and Social Skills. Students are grouped based on age as well as Skill Level. Students that have difficulties with Academics or Social Skills will have the option to have increased support during specific times of the week.

Middle School

These classes are for those students from Grades 6 to 8. Classes range between 4 and 6 students with 1 or 2 Teaching Staff. The students that are at or close to grade level will work on a regular time table with an additional emphasis on Social Skills and Self-Regulation. Students that require additional support will receive additional programming during the week. These students will be placed with the appropriate staff according to the additional support level required.

High School

At BSA, we offer programs that will meet the needs of many different students.
We have both a credit and a non-credit program available.
The Credit Program is open to students that are working at grade level but require smaller classes and the option of fewer courses per school year.
Our courses include but are not limited to the Ministry of Ontario Education requirements but also include Social and Community Life Skills.

Functional/Partial Credit Course

This program focuses on teaching students functional skills. This curriculum focuses on functional curriculum. The classes are small to ensure that students can learn math and language skills while incorporating community living skills, transit skills, and so many other important skills needed for entering adulthood. Other skills that our students work on include etiquette, dealing with conflict and self - regulation.

All students will take part in Community Skills that include but are not limited to

  • TTC
  • Cooking
  • Nutrition
  • Pre-work skills for older students
  • Computers
  • Economy Skills